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Relationship Charts

Relationship charts allow you to access the harmony or compatibility of magnetic or auric fields.

Use this chart to evaluate all types of relationships: lovers, potential lovers, boss/worker, father, mother, son daughter, brother/sister, friends' countries or even businesses.

Basic Instructions

For individuals write down: Your name/Other name.

If you are reading for others write: Name A/Name B

Use the numbered ring on the chart to obtain a compatibility rating: 100 being the most compatible to 0 being non-compatible. Rate all four aspects of a romantic relationship (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.) Check for balance in the ratings (a high mental rating might not work with a low physical rating.) Use the 100 to 0 rating chart to evaluate any other aspects of a relationship.

  • Relationship Focused Intention Chart

    Relationship Focused...

    The unique "window" connects your question to the chart. Your written question, placed under the chart behind the "window" becomes part of the chart itself. This process produced a powerful method of focusing your intention to ask specific questions. The greater your desire, intention, and focus, the greater the accuracy of your answers.