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Glass Dowsing Boards

Our glass boards are a beautiful addition to your divination or dowsing experience. These boards offer a variety of pendulum divination charts from Message Boards to Basic Yes/No formats. The glass Pendulum Boards are about 8 inches square and all come with instructions.

  • Glass Focused Intention Yes/No Chart

    Glass Focused Intention...

    This is a Yes-No dowsing chart unlike any other you have ever seen. The unique "window" connects your question to the chart. Your written question (optional) becomes part of the chart itself. Write your question on a piece of paper and place it under the chart so it can be seen through the window as you ask your question.

  • Message/Alphabet Glass Board Chart

    Message/Alphabet Glass...

    Message/Alphabet Glass Board Chart. Eight inches square, black glass

  • Penatagram Glass Dowsing Board

    Penatagram Glass...

    This new black glass Pentagram Dowsing Board is the replacement for our previous clear glass model. Like our other glass boards, this will soon be a collector's item.

  • Seance Glass Message Board

    Seance Glass Message Board

    This new Seance Message Board is 10 inches square made of tempered glass. It has a clear "window" in the chart. Place a photo or write the name of the person you want to contact under the chart so you can see it through the glass.  The subconscious sees the...