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Welcome to by Xeonix Divination

Xeonix manufactures tools you can use to transform your life using divination. We believe the path of looking inward for guidance is accurate and most beneficial. Xeonix creates quality products made in the USA with a one year warranty.

We created to provide users of pendulums more information. Nowadays simply a "Yes" or "No" answer doesn't provide enough information. We are in an information age and the charts can reveal unlimited information available from your subconscious. 



Your confidence in the quality of our products is important to us. Please review our warranty and return policies.
Orders outside of the USA. Xeonix will notify you by email for additional shipping costs, as PayPal only calculates domestic USA shipping.


George Goodenow founded Xeonix in 1987. The company originally manufactured Neon Dimmers and sold them to the Sign Industry. He invented, designed and marketed the world's first U.L. listed neon dimmer. Neon signs were always bright and used outdoors, dimming them created a new market for interior lighting and graphics.George was the world's foremost authority on neon lighting, dimming and interior dimmed graphics in the 80's.

The company name, Xeonix, was derived from the name of the noble gas Xenon which emits pure white light when energized.

Prior to inventing the Neon Dimmer, George was a successful fine artist. His media was always using light. As a ceramicist in the 60's, he invented colorchanging glazes on ceramic sculpture. In the 70's he used phosphorescent pigments to capture the observers shadow on walls and made performance art. One of these pieces was purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1973. 


He went on to pioneer color photography. He painted with light onto Cibachrome making photograms (no camera used) that were exhibited worldwide. After photography, he began a career in Neon Sculpture and invented the neon dimmer.

As a reader of the Seth Material from the early 70's, George always considered himself a "conscious creator". He used the information from twenty years of studying the Seth books to change his life. This included using the pendulum to access subconscious information.
After 10 years in the sign industry he decided to make a big change. He decided to manufacture products that would have the ability to change people's lives. Specifically, pendulums and divination products. So the name Xeonix was kept because of its white light metaphor. George began manufacturing pendulums and glass dowsing boards in 1993. Xeonix is still a bright white light.


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